Friday, August 19, 2011

Looking For The 411: Research

A street my Grandparents lived on in the 1920's

When writing a historical novel, it is so important to research the historical information of where the setting takes Place, who the people are (as they are not fictional), and interview those who may have known those individuals, or have been to those places.  It is important to put the Novel in a historical context; what were the clothing the people wore, what types of jobs did they hold, what was going on locally and nationally that was news worthy?

The Cully Family Novel is based off of the life of Betty Mae Peters, her ancestors, her family, and those she interacted with.

This week I am taking the time to read some books, so I can get an idea of how I would like my book to be.  I am making it a goal to post daily on my Digging Roots: My Family History Blog.  Some of the family information I write about is not just about the Cully Family even though the wealth of my information is from this blog.  This allows me to sort through the boxes, folders and piles I have on my family and put them in some type of organized filing system.

My research has taken me on Family History Trips to places like Harlem, NY; Worcester & Boston, MA, and Washington D.C., Florida, and Los Angeles.  I have interviewed people, looked for information in various libraries, made a wealth of phone calls and connections through the internet.  I have compiled a lot of information, but now it is time to make sense of it all.

I have been looking at a few free writing programs to allow me organize my writing in chapters.  Now that I have the majority of my research complete, I feel that I can begin writing.  The other information that I need can be filled into the story once I receive it.

So starting this week I will be writing and will do a daily post as to the progress of my writing.  I hope that this does not become mundane and I hope to bring something refreshing to the table.

Happy Writing!!!