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Studying & Preparation: Wrapped In Rainbows

What would reading other historical novels have anything to do with my preparation in writing my Cully Family History?  I find that it is important to read other materials in the literary world so that I have an idea of what other history researchers, and novelists have done in their style of writing, what their index looks like and what type of materials they are reading in their bibliography.

I read Wrapped In Rainbows, by Valerie Boyd a few years ago, but did not fully take note as to her process of writing...This time around I am, because it is clear to me that it is important to emulate, and learn from those that have gone through the process of writing and have the finished product.

I met Valerie Boyd April 25, 2008 at University of San Diego (USD)...I shared with her my project of writing my mother's memoirs and she gave me her e-mail so that I could keep in touch.  It took me over three years to contact her via e-mail, but I did.  (Message Below)

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From: Yvette Porter Moore
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Subject: Follow up since April 25, 2008

Good Afternoon Valarie,

I met you April 25, 2008 @USD at one of your book readings with the “BIG READ” program put on by the San Diego African American Story Tellers.  It has taken me this long to say hello as I felt I needed something substantial to begin our conversation.

I believe I shared with you that I was writing my mother’s memoirs of Sugar Hill, NY.  Well my writing has taken a different twist and a different turn.  I am fully immersed into Genealogy research, Writing, and Blogging about my family history.  I am reading your book again, “Wrapped in Rainbows,” and am really looking at your scholarly work, as I want to do the same for my book.  I want to have the same level of standards of the work that you introduced to the Reading world..I think you are amazing!

I am currently writing two books…”Embraced Identity” and “The Cully Family-An African American Legacy”  I hope to complete the 1st one in 6 months.  The later is very detailed and will probably take me another 5 years.

I just wanted to say thank you for encouraging me to move forward and work towards my dreams, even though our interaction was for a short moment.

My blogs are:,, I hope to have one more for the Cully Family writing.

I hope to stay in touch with you, and see what your next projects are.

You have a blessed and wonderful week, and hope to connect with you soon.


Yvette Porter Moore

Hi Yvette,Thank you so much for your message. I really appreciate your taking the time to write to me about your engagement with "Wrapped in Rainbows." I'm so glad you're enjoying the book the second time around. Good luck with all your writing and publishing endeavors.Stay in touch,Valerie

As a writer, a student of life, it is so important to reach out to those that you may not normally contact, but many are very open to supporting your efforts.  Valerie Boyd is a top notch researcher, historian, Author and writer, and one that I would not mind having as a mentor.

To Learn more about Wrapped In Rainbows and Valerie Boyd follow this link..Valerie Boyd/Wrapped In Rainbows

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