Tuesday, October 11, 2011

E.G. Higgins & CO (Wall Paper Ad) Part #1

     This week has been dedicated to researching the Higgins family, of which my Great Grandfather and two of my Grand Aunts worked for.  I was not going to post my research that I had for tonight as Professor Falco of Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts needed me to transcribe an article and I wanted to expound on it before posting....

   I decided to spend my night looking for the Cully name in the newspapers in Worcester, MA when I came across this advertisement for Wall Papers, from E.G. Higgins & Co.  I read about the various companies the Higgins owned and their standing in the community and was pleasantly surprised (but not too surprised), as it was not expected for me to find this tonight, so I thought I would blog it.

    My next goal for tomorrow is to find information about the E.G. Higgins & Co, to make sure I have the right Higgins family and to post what I find.

Date: 1890-12-07; 

Paper: Worcester Daily Spy

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