Wednesday, October 12, 2011

E.G Higgins & Company Part #2

     Yesterday I began digging up information on the Higgins family...There appears to be more than one Higgins Family in Worcester, MA during the 1800's through the 1900's that were business owners, and lived on large estates. The other family I am looking at is Milton Prince Higgins & Katherine Elizabeth Chapins descendant line as it seems that this might actually be the family Ambrose Cully (my G-Grandfather worked for).  There are some Tax and expenditure papers at the Worcester, Massachusetts City Library that I will need to have researched and ordered in order to have the information confirmed.

     As I stated on a previous post, I am putting together a Higgins family tree.  I am also reviewing various biographies of the members of the families while gathering their home and business addresses (Worcester City Directory)   to see if they are all connected in some way while comparing them with Census Reports, and other documents that I have collected.

     Today, I am following up on E.G. Higgins & Company.  I found this background information on (free books) in the Worcester Directory of 1898.  

    Reading E.G. Higgins Company information, you can conclude that the  Wall-Papering business was lucrative.
      My mother told me that the Higgins, my ancestors worked for (in their home) were millionaires. I can  begin to do process of elimination, by looking at the jobs and the addresses and then comparing the individuals from the Biographies that I have found..(will be revealed on another post) to begin to narrow it down to what household they worked out of.
Worcester City Directory 1898
Higgins Households
    Some clues I can look at, is that the Higgins that my ancestors worked for supported the Education, and they encouraged my Uncle Wendell Culley to attend High School of Commerce, as he was the only African American at the school when he attended.  There is also a Katherine Higgins was a teacher at Commerce when Wendell was attending, and I am wondering if she helped him to remain in school and graduate.

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