Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Talented Tuesday, Wendell Phillip Culley on Trumpet

Wendell Phillip Culley
Photo by Ernest Zonicek
via Otto Flueckiger Collection
Photo Possibly taken in Geneva, Switzerland, 1956
          I woke up a few days ago, very early in the morning; picked up my smartphone to look at my inbox and was pleasantly surprised by an email from Amin Buettner, who is a Jazz enthusiast and the curator of a Jazz Archive where he posts at Crownpropeller's Blog. He stated, "Go to my website. There is a little treat for you." There was a video of Count Basie featuring my Grand Uncle, Wendell Culley playing "Lil Darlin' on trumpet. I was ecstatic to say the least.  This was the first time I had ever, and I mean ever, seen him perform.

         'Lil Darlin' will be the second tune played. Both are worth listening to.

     Wendell is the tenth child (documented) born to Ambrose E Cully and Nora Ann Gilliam.  Wendell was born January 8, 1906 in Worcester, MA and died in Los Angeles on May 8, 1983.  He is the brother to the well known television actress of the "Jefferson's" playing the part of George Jefferson's mother.

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