Thursday, January 19, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday: On Lake Chauncy, Westborough Mass

     I inherited a scrapbook of my Great Uncle Osborne Ambrose Cully (A Treasure).  He was the son of Ambrose E. Cully and Nora Ann Gilliam.  Osborne was the sixth child born into the family (documented) on March 29, 1899 and passed away approximately after 1936.

     The photo's below are of Osborne's sisters Hannah S. & Agnes Mae and their close family friend Alan T. Busby.  Hannah was my Great Aunt and Agnes was my Grandmother.  When I received this scrapbook, I did some research on Alan T. Busby.  He was the first African American to graduate from the University of Connecticut, previously called Connecticut Agricultural College (in 1918).  In 2003, the University of Connecticut named student suites after him, "Alan Thacker Busby Suites."  I have more information on Alan Busby's family and their advocacy in Worcester, Mass., which is quite impressive.  To see what the University wrote about him click Here.

     The photo's below are of Alan, Agnes, Hannah and Osborne on the water of Lake Chauncy in Westborough, Mass which is open during the summer months.  These photos were taken between 1918-1919.

Alan T. Busby, Agnes (behind Alan), Hannah and Osborne
(l. to Right)

Canoeing on the Lake

Lake Chauncy, Westbourogh, Mass

I found this very cool video of RC Cooper fishing on Lake Chauncy.  Enjoy the scenery of the lake.