Friday, February 17, 2012

My Ancestors Want To Be Known Part #4: Eugene Singleton Gilliam

This is a continuum of the Series: "My Ancestors Want To Be Known." If you have not followed you can go to #1,  #2,  and  #3.   In particular, I am sharing my discoveries of my Great Great Grandmother, Hannah [Singleton-Nelson] Gilliam son's family.  Hannah was married to Daniel Gilliam, of which I have not found any primary documents of him.  He is mentioned in birth and death records of Hannah and his children.  I have even found him mentioned as "Hannah, the widow of Daniel Gilliam in Worcester, MA city directories, but have been able to locate him.  This will be one of the greatest discoveries when I find his records.

The photo below is of Eugene Singleton Gilliam.  He is my 1st cousin 2x removed.  He was born to Leander Singleton & Flora Gilliam on August 26, 1894 and died in March of 1961.

Eugene Singleton Gilliam
WWI Military Uniform
(Not confirmed)

Since I had very little to go by with information on Eugene besides the Census Records of which I will present in a later post on the family, I decided to look for his military records.  I was not able to find anything that showed he served during WWI, even though I was told by my cousin that he did serve.  I looked up the WWII Registration Card as shown below.

[Transcribed] At the time of Eugene completing his WWII Registration Card.

  1. Name: Eugene Singleton Gilliam
  2. Place of Residence: 29 Dellwood Rd., Worcester, Worc., Mass
  3. Mailing Address: Same
  4. Telephone: 2-0366
  5. Age in Years: 47  Date of Birth: Aug 26, 1894
  6. Place of Birth: Worcester, Mass
  7. Name and Person who will always know your address:  Mary Gilliam, 29 Dellwood Rd., Worcester
  8. Employers name and Address: City Worcester
  9. Place of Employment or Business: Station #1 Police Headquarters, Worcester, Mass
  10. Signed Eugene S. Gilliam
At this point, I assume that Eugene was a police officer, but I have not confirmed this.  I like the Military Registration Draft Cards because they give you more clues to look for by disclosing their place of employment.  I will be contacting the City of Worcester to find out more information on obtaining some time of employment records to see what position Eugene held.

The back of the Registration card was dated on April 26, 1942.

Eugene identified with being white.  He was 6-1 and 175 pounds.  He had blue eyes, brown hair and a ruddy complexion.

I hope to share more about Eugene as I continue my research.