Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cully Family Updates for March 2012

I have been relatively Quiet the last few weeks on my research as there have been more information discovered about The Gilliam and Cully ancestry line.

I am in somewhat awe and trying to figure what direction I would like to go with this information.  Over the next few weeks, I will be setting up my pages for individual family members.

I have been attending school, so that has taken quite a bit of my time from diving in and sharing what I have found.

I feel that I am ready to begin formulating my family history book, and will begin to develop what I know.  I want to tell more, than to show.

I am learning how to do citations, so I will begin to use these when telling the story of my family.  Please be patient with me as I transition from all of the regular blogging.

I do have another blog where I share various branches of my family tree.  So please take some time out and check it out.  Right now is Women's History Month and I have been sharing insights to the Women in my family tree.  Digging Roots: My Family History

Look forward to sharing.