Friday, June 08, 2012

Part #5: Daniel Gilliam Found in the Paper Trail: Wanted Dead or Alive

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WE COMMAND YOU, that of the Goods, Lands and Tenements of Danl Gilliam in the hands of Hannah Gilliam his admx you cause to be made the sum of
which lately, in our Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for the County of Craven, was adjudged and taxed in the suit in which Hannah Gilliam [unreadable] – Plaintiff, and [Unreadable] – Defendant, for the COSTS and CHARGES in said suit expended, wherof the said, Hannah Gilliam, admx was convicted, as appears to us of record; and have you the said monies before our said Court, to be held for the County of CRAVEN, at the COURT-House in Newbern, on the second Monday of December next, then and there to render the Costs and Charges aforesaid.  Herein fail not, and have you then and there this Writ.

Witness William G. Bryan, Clerk of our said Court, at Newbern, the second Monday of September A.S., 1867, and in the Ninety 20 Year of our Independence.
Issued the [blank] day of [Unreadable] A.D., 1867
W G Bryan Clerk.

Petition For Year Provisions

Apparently this Year Provision was not satisfied.  Daniel Gilliam was a man that did not have anything substantial to care for Hannah, as he only had goods, no lands or tenements.  I am not surprised especially after almost two years after slavery.

I am just thankful that I had the opportunity to find  some paper-trail of the existence of my 2x Great Grandfather.  Initially the question I had about Daniel when I was learning more about Hannah is "Did Daniel migrate to Worcester, Massachusetts with Hannah?"  The answer was no as Hannah migrated to Worcester approximately in 1878.

So now that I have completed the probate file for Daniel Gilliam, my next task is to find out who the father is of Hannah's children.