Thursday, June 07, 2012

Part #4: Daniel Gilliam Found in the Paper Trail: Wanted Dead or Alive

So if you are following the Probate Estate Case of Daniel Gilliam, I am glad you are here…If this is your first time, you can go to this link  to see the prior post…
Daniel Gilliam, my 2nd Great Grandfather was never found to this date in any direct documents pertaining to him.  When I came across this probate record, I was ecstatic because it proved to me that he was not just a name, and that I could begin to make sense of his life.  In the process, I also realized that in all probability, Daniel’s wife Hannah had her children by a different man or men and therefore giving clues that I have another 2nd Great Grandfather, I need to be researching.
Below is the 3rd page of the probate file giving notice to all debtors and those who have claim against the estate to either make payment, or present estate for payment.


          The subscriber having qualified as administrator of the Estate of Daniel Gilliam deceased, at the March Term, A. D. 1867 of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Craven County, hereby notifies all persons having claims against said Estate, to present them for payment within the time prescribed by Law, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery.

          All persons indebted to said, Estate will make immediate payment.

Hannah Gilliam

March 18, 1867

An interesting thing with the peculiar Institute of Slavery is that the individuals that were former slaves may have had different surnames at various times as they were identified by their slave masters name.  The document below got my attention, even though it is not very readable due to some ink blot spills. I did make out the surname "Jones" in the document.  Hannah's mother had the surname Jones as her Slave name.  Not sure if this Jones has any relationship to Hannah. [of course I am going to research this name].  I found in a 1870 Census a Kitty Jones living in the same household of Leander Gilliam, Jane Collins and William G.  
 [I had a difficult time making out the first name, so if you see the proper name, please comment.  Thank you.]

Update: As of August 29, 2016, after looking at some land records located on the Craven County County Clerk, Land Records database, and other documents (To Be Revealed), I am believing that "Kitty Jones," is actually "Killis Jones."  Thank you Andrea Kelleher for noticing what I didn't notice and even though I disagreed, I finally realized she was correct.

4th Page of Probate File

Killis Jones makes oath that he saw a copy of the notice posted up at the Post Office at the Courthouse in the town of Newbern and at the Market Annex in the town of Newbern


Killis  X Jones


[Unreadable Text] ? ? ?March 25, 1867

W.G. Bryan

Then I notice at the very top corner in light pencil writing :

Administrations Notice Heardy or Hearely Gilliam, March 1867 [This may be another clue as to my Gilliam family, that will enable me to stretch out the branches of the Gilliam Tree.

More To Come...