Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sympathy Saturday: Osborne Ambrose & Gertrude Louise [Hayes] Cully

I had been wondering for some time what happened to my (Great Uncle and his wife), Osborne Ambrose Cully and Gertrude Louise Hayes.  They disappeared after the 1930 Census and there were no death certificates or index that I could find online.

 I was told by my cousin Karen Cully, Osborne and Gertrude's Great Grand-daughter that they both died young and that they left their only child Richard Clayton Cully, Sr. when he was under ten years old.  Since this was at least 20 years before Karen was born, she was not positive to the exact dates.

Recently after searching on Proquest during Black History Month, I came across Osborne's death notice and Gertrude's burial notice.  This helped give me closure as to their deaths.

Osborne Ambrose Cully & Gertrude Louise Hayes
August 4, 1918
[Osborne's Scrapbook]

[Gertrude's Burial Notice Transcribed]

Aug 22, 1936
The Baltimore Afro-American
Pg. 21

Mrs. Gertrude Cully, Worcester, Mass
Mrs. Gertrude Cully, wife of Osborne Cully of Clinton, Mass, was buried here Saturday.

[Osborne Cully's Death Notice Transcribed]

Sept 25, 1937
The Baltimore Afro-American
Pg. 23

Osborne Cully
Worcester, Mass-Osborne Cully
died last week at his home near Clinton.

Since I do not have exact dates of their deaths, I can pretty much estimate.  Gertrude was buried on August 22, 1936.  It was customary during this time that my family was buried by the third day, so approximately Gertrude died on August 19, 1936.  Of course I will need to order a death certificate to confirm the date.

Osborne Cully most likely died between September 12 and the 18th of 1937 as the death notice states he died last week and the newspaper was dated on September 25, 1937.  Knowing the proximity of Osborne's death will allow me to order his death certificate with a lot more ease.

Osborne was born on March 29, 1899 in Worcester, Massachusetts.  He was a master electrician and attended the Boys Trade School graduating top in his class.  Osborne's parents were Ambrose Elander Cully and Nora Ann Gilliam.

Gertrude Louis Hayes was born on April 22, 1894.  Her parents were Charles A Hayes and Henrietta Gray.