Thursday, October 13, 2011

Richard Higgins & His Descendants

    My research right now is focused on the Higgins in Worcester, MA.  I am trying to pinpoint the exact household my Cully ancestors worked for.  I have some clues from the beginnings of my mother's manuscript, and to ensure that everything I speak of in my historical book, I need to have everything documented.

     The other day I looked at E.G Higgins and his company, but needed to do more investigation.  I headed straight for Google Books and keyed in Higgins, Massachusetts and some other key words...and wallah!  I made a big hit!!!  It was everything in this book online that I wanted to see, and it was free to read online!!!  I call that the Ancestors working for ya!!!  I was more than surprised to find the book titled "Richard Higgins & His Descendants" by Katharine Chapin Higgins.  Katharine is the husband of Milton P. Higgins and this is the exact family I was wanting to know more about.  I don't have to search too much further as this book was printed in 1918 and my interest time period would be 1880-1920.

     This book pretty much has it covered for my research purposes in figuring out what Higgins belong to what line, as it may very well be that all of the Higgins in Worcester were family.  So, of course I will need to read and I will let you know what I uncover.  This will also allow me to make a more complete family line tree and possibly have the opportunity to connect with some of the Higgins descendants once I get closer to the completion of my project.  How cool would that be to connect with them?

Google Books (Free)

     What excites me the most is that Katharine Chapin is a person after my own heart! She was a genealogist, the family historian and she was able to get the various lines of the Higgins family that descended from Richard Higgins to contribute genealogical information that they had or needed to research for. They had lots of documents that they freely lent so that their descendants would have something to know about their very beginnings before America and after. The Higgins valued family and their community, and I so look forward to discovering more about this remarkable family.

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